Thursday, December 2, 2010

And I creep yeah...

Blake has officially been "creeping" or doing the Blake Shuffle as we like to call it since last week and this child gets around pretty good considering she's still not really crawling.  It's almost like a cross between an army crawl and what it looks like in the movies when someone has been shot in the leg and they're trying to escape from the enemy.  She now can shuffle her way under the couch, under the chair, under the christmas tree, into the bathroom, up to the mirror, well you get the picture - she's mobile!  Yesterday I left her alone in the bedroom for 1 min. to get her a pair of socks - I came back in to find her over at the mirror playing with her reflection.  Today I found her just playing under the chair on the living room with her spatula (yes our egg spatula is her FAVORITE toy).  It cracks me up how far she can move especially on the hardwood floors.  We already have our hands full.  I'm so excited she's figuring this out, but boy do I miss just being able to lay her down and leave the room knowing she couldn't get into any trouble.....those days are LONG gone!  Here are a few pictures and videos or her doing the "Blake Shuffle" and playing with the reflection in the mirror.  I also threw in a few Thanksgiving pics.

The Blake Shuffle: Thanksgiving 2010

Booty in the air - practicing crawling in her sleep!

sleeping in the crib Chris' grandpa made for his dad as a boy.

Thanksgiving day at the Farm

Hanging out with Uncle Nathan


  1. oh i simply adore her! she's so precious!!! love this post & love all the pics!!