Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry 8 Months...

As of Monday, 8 months have gone by since Blake came into the world.  It bewilders me how time so can go by so quickly and this little person change so drastically.  She has developed quite the personality and I see so many characteristics of both Chris and I in her.  She's definitely a daddy's girl, which makes me so happy to see.  She gets SO excited when Chris comes into the room and she takes after him in so many ways.  She's extremely determined, laid back, energetic, easily bored with one thing, always moving, loves to be outside, and loves to laugh.  I also see so much of myself in her as well...she's quiet at first, but once she's comfortable in a situation you can't keep her quiet, she loves to eat new things, likes music or so it seems, a big fan of clothes, doesn't like when Chris tries to scare her.  In the last month she has learned to pretty much crawl (still slow, but almost has it down,) she can now go from being on her stomach to sitting up all by herself, she can pinch things with her two fingers to pick them up, says mama and dada (not sure if she knows what they are just quite yet.)  She can almost pull all the way up to standing by herself, she can feed herself crackers, mum-mums etc, can move around in the sit & step, has different smiles, and different laughs.  She is getting sooooooooo big!

8 month stats:
Weight: 17.5 lbs
Height: 28 3/4 inches

Here are the outtakes from our photo session:

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