Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How sweet it is...

I will preface this by saying I know I am horrible about keeping up with this, but truth be told, I often forget that I have a blog to keep up with. I am losing my mind...or at least my memory. I'm midweek thru my first week as a stay at home mom. I have to say I could get used to this gig. I love waking up to my beautiful girl smiling at me and knowing that I don't have to rush around to get her dropped off in time for me to get to work. I love just enjoying a morning cup of coffee in my ol' worn out jummies watching her play and giggle. Seriously - it is awesome! I also have to say the days go by surprisingly quickly. I have never been so busy in my life- I realized today when I sat down at 4:00 that it was the first moment in 3 days that I have really just sat down and relaxed with no pressing matter to attend to.
My grandparents are in town for the next few days and talk about perfect timing to arrive - Blake is starting to teeth and poor thing was up pretty much ALL night last day - so lucky for me Gigi was able to be here to help out with all those late night rocking sessions! I am praying that tonight is a better night for all of us though - sleep deprivation and me are not friends!
I know I have touched on this subject before - but I still don't understand those people in this world who can function on only a few hours of sleep. I am seriously borderline mental patient when I am sleep deprived.
In all seriousness though - I am so very grateful and blessed to have this opportunity and I plan on not taking any of it for granted.

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