Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

If you know me at all, then you probably know that Eat, Pray, Love is seriously my favorite book. Not because it was a best seller and not because it's well written, but because this author, Elizabeth Gilbert, did what I have always wanted to do: drop everything, pack up and move halfway across the world to experience life! I have ALWAYS enjoyed travel and lucky for me I have been very blessed to have had several amazing opportunities to take advantage of this love and passion of mine. I've been to Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, across the U.S. and I still yearn to see more. There was once a time in my life, not so long ago that my goal was to become a fashion writer and travel around the world to cover all the top stories relating to fashion. I was offered an internship at Women's Wear Daily the summer prior to my last semester at Baylor, but passed on this opportunity to stay in Houston near my boyfriend who had been battling lukemia. Do I regret this decision - not necessarily, but I often wonder what would have been if I had taken that internship?
Unlike Elizabeth Gilbert, at the time of this story - I am happily married and would want to take my amazing husband and beautiful baby girl with me on my journey. I can think of nothing more exciting and fulfilling than to take my family and experience life eating new foods, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. We could spend a few months in Thailand, hop on over to Russia and Poland to show Blake where our families come from. After a while we could check out the beaches of the Greek Isles (and stuff ourselves silly with food). There are so many places I want to see, so many things I want to do and shocker here - stay in the bubble of Dallas, Texas is not one of them. No offense to Dallas - it's a perfectly good place - it is just so cookie cutter and well quite frankly materialistic!
Just imagine - a life of simple pleasures - great food, great experiences all shared with my great family! Chris and I had talked several years ago about trying to find jobs in London and live there for a year or two. We looked briefly and then gave up. Here I am 5 years later still squashing out that desire. Why is it so scary to drop it all and go? Why do our heads often guide us instead of our hearts? Hopefully some day down the road we'll grow enough courage to do the unthinkable and sell our house, our cars, pack up just the necessities and just sail off to some unforeseen life adventure. Realistically I know this will probably end up some pipe dream or missed opportunity much like my fashion writing career.


  1. OMG! This is the cutest blog ever, great job! I am totally working on mine now, lots of updating to do. Your little girl is completely precious, I loved the one you put on FB with her stylish shades for such a petite face. Too cute! Check mine a few days.
    I know you would be a fabulous writer, look at your blog. You have a sincere, sassy, fabulous way of expressing your thoughts. Keep it up and you will get published.
    Btw, I LOVE the part about how you created a PowerPoint Presentation, stellar!

  2. I loved this post, although your little one is absolutely adorable (love all the pics). It would be really an unbelievable experience to travel the world especially with the family.