Monday, January 10, 2011

Blake's First Christmas

So I'm terribly late with this post, but life is hectic and naps have been few and far between which leaves little time for updating the ol' blog.  I would have to say that I was extremely excited for Christmas this year for two reasons: 1) it was Blake's very first Christmas and although I know she's too young to understand exactly what is going on, I knew she was just old enough to still have fun.  2) We are going to have a very low key Christmas in Missouri with my family which I was looking forward to.  We actually ended up having two Christmas celebrations thru the holiday season - one with Chris' mom and step dad here and then actual Christmas at my grandparents' house.  Blake made out like a bandit.  She got more toys than we know what to do with.  It was seriously entertaining to watch her play with the paper and wrapping - she enjoyed it much more than the actual gifts themselves.  I should have known I could just give her paper haha.  Here are a few pictures from our holidays.

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