Wednesday, November 3, 2010

workout - smurkout

So at our MOPS meeting this past Monday two ladies came to speak to us regarding healthy eating and fitness.  The healthy eating portion of the segment really made a lot of sense and got me excited to focus more on this in my home for my family - the fitness portion made me want to punch the perky poodle in the tooth.  Is that bad?! When one of my favorite fellow mothers, Jennifer, posed the question, "How do you find time to work out when you have 3 children running around and you're sleep deprived?"  The crazy work out fanatic responded with a dumbfounded expression and "slide across your living room floor on paper plates."  I mean really?!  Are you for serious?!  Maybe I'm more of a realist, but I can't picture that happening or being worth while.  Maybe this is why I have yet to lose all of my baby weight, but at least I am enjoying each and every moment I have with her and more importantly - each and every calorie of delicious food I eat!  (Me jumping off soap box).

On a lighter note- instead of working out today I spent about 15 minutes making my daughter laugh so hard she snorted - this is just a snippet...her laughter is contagious!


  1. I am with you, chica! I hardly have time to sleep and shower, much less work out. My time is much better spent with my favorite little guy.