Friday, March 25, 2011

11 months

Better late than never I guess.  Little miss is already 11 months old and it's hard to believe!  
Height: 28 3/4"
Weight: 19.5 lbs.
Teeth: 8 (and two molars on the their way)

This last month was seriously one of my favorites.  Blake has developed not only a voracious appetite, but also a killer personality.  She is honestly HILARIOUS.  She is a huge ham, and LOVES an audience.  She's talking a lot (in her own language), but also says several words now.  She says, "Hi, Bye Bye, Dog, Mama, Dada, Yeah"  She LOVES to share her food and toys, especially with Oliver.  She has mastered the fake laugh as well as the fake cry and used both quite often to get  rise out of you.  She has started standing on her own and is so close to walking!  This kid LOVES being outdoors - she kicks her legs and squeals with excitement most days when I take her outside.  This last month we took Blake to the park and the arboretum and she LOVED it!  She's big into observing people and new things, so the people watching alone was the highlight of her time there.  Blake has also discovered dancing and she LOVES to dance!  She dances to the music on her new house, but her favorite song is definitely twist and shout by the Beatles.  She LOVES it!!! 
Schedule:  She normally wakes up about 7:30am with the exception of day or two here and there.  She eats breakfast shortly after waking up and we normally feed her either an egg yolk and cheese omelette with fruit or mini pancakes, greek yogurt and fruit.  I'm pretty sure she's going to turn into a blueberry if we're not careful.  She can eat an entire carton of blueberries in 2 days if I let her.  I normally give her a bottle of half milk half formula about 1 1/2 hours after breakfast and then she takes a nap.  We eat lunch about 11:30am and she normally eats a HUGE lunch - there's nothing she really doesn't like except for green beans.  We try to go outside after lunch for a while until nap time which is about 2:30.  (in total she only sleeps about 2.5 hours during the day between both naps). We do dinner for her about 5:30 and then bath at 6:15 and bed at 7pm.  

Here are a few pictures from the park and arboretum... 

Practicing walking:

First Swing:

Feeding Oliver and saying Dog:

Crawling on fireplace:


  1. precious girl! love catching up on blake pics & videos! hey, hutcheson's will be in dallas/houston april 15-18 ~~ would LOVE to see you guys!!! let's chat.... xxooxx

  2. What a doll face! She is adorable. The picture for your header just about stole my breath away!