Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jet Setting

Miss Blake had her very first plane ride this last weekend when I took her to Missouri to visit my grandparents.  I was extremely apprehensive prior to the flight for several reasons: I was taking her by myself, it was her first flight and I was worried she would cry b/c it hurt her ears and she was teething and lastly the weather was a little sketchy!  Luckily, the flight there and back went smoothly and Blake slept 95% of the the way!  I even had 2 people from the flight and a flight attendant tell me she was the best baby they had ever seen.  I was of course very proud of our little peanut.  We had so much fun just relaxing at the house and my grandparents had a field day spoiling her rotten with affection and of course more clothes!  Here are a few pictures from our little trip.

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  1. Glad your trip went well! They are SO much easier to fly with when they are little but you never believe it until you actually do it. :)