Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle - I mean Dallas....wait where am I?!

So everyone jokes about or warns you about the fact that once the baby comes you no longer get to sleep...I had no idea how little sleep they meant. I have gone several days literally getting no more than 2 straight hours of sleep at a time and for those of you who know me - well that's just not copasetic.
Without the sufficient amount of sleep I transform into this zombie-like emotional crazy beast character where my every thought is consumed by images of down comforters, fluffy pillows and dreams...along with this state of delirium and fantasy I get extremely angry and short tempered with anything or anyone keeping me from getting to this zin place of sleep and happiness.
Poor Chris and Blake have had several days of dealing with me crying for no reason, having no patience and being well....2 seconds from losing my mind. Thank God that there are points in the week where Chris can take some of the duties to allow me to get some much needed sleep, and vice versa. This leads me to the question...what is wrong with those people who only need 4 hours of sleep to function? Why didn't God grant all mothers with this super power? Will I ever get used to this?

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